Gift Ideas for Men

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【Elegant Men’s Gifts】This beard set is in a beautiful box and is the best gift for bearded men. GUARANTEED!- Any issue about the product quality, no hesitate to contact us, we will always here for you!
【Natural, Pure And Organic】Sourced from the finest natural and organic ingredients available, giving your beard the most natural beauty.
【Beard Balm(80g2.82oz)】Perfect leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, softens and helps style your beard.

$30.99 $29.99

✅ STRAIGHT RAZOR KIT, STROP & SHAVE – Once you get your straight razor shaving kit, please give it a good strop before you shave. Our razors come sharp-ready to shave after a quick strop to make sure the edge is perfect.
✅ THEY WILL LOVE YOUR SEXY FACE – Imagine a face that is so soft to the touch that you become irresistible. For a close shave at home and on the road, this straight razor shaving kit includes custom leather travel case, shaving brush, leather strop, shaving soap, and paste. GET BEST SHAVE OF YOUR LIFE EVERY DAY – “With this 15.7 cm blade you get the perfect mixture of strength & precision to shave your beard and mustache. “Great strait razor shaving kit bearded men.” ~ John, TX
✅ DURABLE, LONG LASTING STYLISH CONSTRUCTION – Feel the difference of the Genuine Japanese Steel blade honed to perfection against your skin. Featuring a durable biblical algum wood handle + accented with 115 grain two-sided gold copper heads to give you the perfect equilibrium. This blade is between a half hollow and a full hollow. You capture the best aspects of both designs, this straight edge razor is crafted as a hybrid between the 1/2 hollow and full hollow.


[4 in 1] Includes a shaving brush, a soap bowl, a razor and a shaving stand holder, which meets your basic demands.
[High quality] Soft brush hair creates more lather. Special design of the shaving stand help you dry your shaving tools more quickly.
[Convenient] Small and can be foisted into suitcase during travel. Suitable for both salon and home use.


★ Badass Beard Essentials Kit Consists of 1oz Beard Oil, 2oz Beard Balm or 2oz Beard Wax, Boars Hair Beard Brush, Wood Beard Comb & Beard and Mustache Trimming Scissors
★ The Badass Beard Essentials Kit is exactly what it sounds like: Everything you need to properly take care of your beard and the skin underneath!
★ Made in the USA by bearded Veterans